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*Telehealth services available statewide in TN

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Management and Counselling

I have been a Certified Diabetes Education Specialist (CDCES) for the past 22 years, working with those having Type 1, Type 2 and pre Diabetes.   Balancing the importance of good glucose control and good quality living, should ALWAYS be the primary goal. 

It is easy to become overwhelmed by the daily tasks and decisions that are part of living with Diabetes. The fear of future complications can sneak in to steal your peace of mind. Let's work together, building your knowledge & your confidence.

Diabetes Management is based on a thorough assessment of your current health practices & medical history. From there, we will create an individualized plan for you.  

Includes looking into the areas of : 

  • Meal Planning & label reading

  • Diabetes Medications & Insulin use if applicable

  • Monitoring & decision making 

  • Emotional Health

  • Activity and Sleep

   * Pump therapy, MDI & CGM assistance with MD referral  as     


Nutrition & Wellness Counseling

Nutrition Counseling or Medical Nutrition Therapy is most often used to help people who have been diagnosed with one or more chronic diseases (& possible PREVENTION of those diseases). These conditions might include heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity & insulin resistance. Most chronic disease states can be greatly benefitted by moderate diet & lifestyle changes. Our genes are strong indicators, but they do NOT guarantee our future. 

We will have a thorough chat about your...

  • medical history & known family medical history 

  • current nutrition habits 

  • movement & recreation habits

  • medications & supplement use

  • recent labs if we have them 

  • goals you have for yourself

Based on the above information, we can create an individual plan to move you toward healthier days & better living one day at a time. 

Image by Brooke Lark

Guest Speaking

Group Presentations for Corporate Gatherings and Wellness Events

Missy’s education, professional experience and own personal life experiences make her a qualified yet entertaining presenter.


As a busy wife and mother of three, she understands the challenges of "balance" in todays fast paced world.


Balance is a daily challenge, but worth the effort!


Breathe some life and positivity into your next group gathering with an interactive presentation in the areas of Wellness & Prevention with Health Education.  We all know knowledge can be a great motivator for positive change.  Movement towards achieving healthier living sometimes just requires an infusion of new or timely information. 


This can be as formal or as casual as you choose, one presentation or a series of lectures.


Contact me for additional information on topic ideas and pricing.

Family Nutrition

Is your teenage girl having trouble gaining weight, or possibly you have a son who needs a little help with what to eat before his cross country meet?

Families are a very busy group these days. Our kids seem to have a lot of pressure on them to juggle school work, all the extra curricular
activities, and of course the “dreaded” social media to contend with! 


I have three children myself, so I can relate to the struggle of finding balance in your life and in the daily struggle to “nourish” your people in every way.


Let me help you increase the overall quality of your daily meals, giving you a few ideas to sneak some extra nutrients into the snacks and meals you already prepare for your family. While they are still "under your roof" is the best time to have influence on their moving towards a healthier lifestyle.

*Meal planning & stocking your pantry with descent (not perfect) snacks is a challenge for most of us … even this Dietitian Mom!

FAmily nutrition
Guest Speaker
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